Posted by: bsieker | February 13, 2009

Woot! Apple adds Windows 95 era functionality to OS X!

According to the Mac Rumors website, Apple is planning to put back the “Put Back”.  “Put Back” is apparently Apple’s terminology for allowing users to restore a file in the trash to the location from whence it came.  And they said that Snow Leopard wasn’t going to have new, exciting features!

From the article:

Put Back – Under Mac OS 9, users had the option to restore any “Trash”ed files (before the Trash is emptied) back to their original locations with a simple “Put Away” command. For some reason, this capability was lost in the transition to Mac OS X. In the latest Snow Leopard builds, it’s back (as “Put Back”). So any accidental disposals can now easily be restored with a simple click. Again, this only works for files that have been moved to the Trash but not yet “emptied” (deleted).


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